A toilet is an industrial-sized piece of clean-room hardware utilized for the proper collection or disposal of bodily waste and urine. Typically, toilets are either self-cleaning or self-flushing with water. They are typically placed either for a seated position or for a prone position. It has a seat that reclines, an integrated light, and a hole for the drainage of waste.

What is a Toilet?

The word “toilet” is derived from Latin “to potes” which means to scatter or throw. The word “toilet” comes from the French word “toille” which means pot. The Latin word “toilet” literally means a tub or basin used to collect waste. The word “toilet” is commonly used in North America and is considered to be a standard toilet, although in many places it is considered a bathroom fixture.

In Europe, the word toilette is used for non-potable toilets. In some places the word loo is used, while in other places, like Turkey, Greece and England, the word toilet is used. Toilets were originally created to provide public facilities with a hygienic way to dispose of bodily fluids. Today, toilets are fixtures that make life easier and cleanliness much healthier and people prefer to use toiletty whenever they can instead of using a bath or a litter box.

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