Whales Online Blog wag Wellness – A Review of the Company’s On-Demand Pet Care Platform

wag Wellness – A Review of the Company’s On-Demand Pet Care Platform

wag wellness is an online platform that allows pet parents to purchase and use coverage for their pets’ routine care expenses. The woman-founded and led company offers two plans: a pet insurance plan and a wellness plan, both of which can be purchased separately. The company’s insurance and wellness plans provide reimbursement for expenses related to spaying or neutering, vaccinations, flea and tick medications, dental cleanings and more. Its wellness plans include no upper age limit for coverage and a lifetime payout cap of $100,000 per pet, while its insurance policies have a 15-day waiting period for accident and illness claims.

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In addition to providing pet wellness services, wag wellness has recently launched a virtual vet chat that provides on-demand one-on-one conversations with pre-screened licensed veterinarians or veterinary technicians. The company hopes this feature will help pet owners save time and money by helping them decide whether to make an in-person or phone call appointment with their veterinary provider.

The company’s integrated pet health solution also connects busy pet parents with trusted on-demand caregivers, and is based on a fully automated and secure platform that uses Dropbox Sign. This makes it easy for new caregivers to sign up, undergo a thorough background check and start taking appointments in as little as two days.

Founded in 2015, wag has two primary goals: it wants to reduce pet parent guilt by keeping pets more physically and socially active while their people are at work or on dates and it also wants to make it easier for people to be pet parents by offering affordable on-demand pet care. The company is currently valued at $340 million.

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