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Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Advantages

triple offset butterfly valves

butterfly valves triple offset have several advantages over other types of valves, including a high degree of accuracy in flow regulation and tight shutoff capabilities. These valves can also withstand harsh operating conditions and extreme temperatures. However, they can be prone to damage from improper installation or maintenance and require specialized handling.

When compared to concentric butterfly valves, triple-offset valves have an improved seating angle that eliminates the squeezing complications between the disc and seat common in centrifugal butterfly valves. This feature helps extend the seat and seal life by reducing friction between the seat and disc during opening and closing operations.

Sealing Technology in Triple Offset Butterfly Valves: What You Need to Know

Another advantage is the ability of these valves to handle a variety of fluid types, including corrosive and abrasive materials. They can be used to control the flow of steam, vapor and liquids in oil and gas, chemical processing, pulp and paper, and power generation applications.

The third benefit of triple offset valves is the ability to offer metal-to-metal sealing. This eliminates the wear and tear issues that can occur in soft or elastomeric seats and allows them to deliver zero-leakage performance even in harsh and demanding conditions. This is achieved by using a durable alloy (such as Stellite grade 21) for the body seat and a resilient seal ring in Duplex that provides hardness, resistance to fluid abrasion and corrosion.

In addition, the geometric design of triple-offset butterfly valves enables them to use lower torque actuators for operation. This reduces energy consumption and enables quicker and easier valve operation. Moreover, there are no cavities between the sealing components, meaning that they cannot be clogged by debris like in gate and ball valves, ensuring a long operational life.

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