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The Benefits of a Garden Covered Walkway

A garden covered walkway is a versatile addition that elevates the aesthetic of your outdoor space. These structures offer protection from the elements and are used in many different settings such as business, schools and even your own backyards to name a few.

Incorporating Slopes

Walkways on slopes provide opportunities to capitalize upon visual resources and establish routes not only to walk on, but for people’s eyes to follow as they gaze uphill. Wind paths between trees, hide and reveal turns in the path with planting, or link focal moments with the defined line of the path – all to create a more fluid sense of movement through the landscape.

Green Infrastructure

The integration of green infrastructure in covered walkways is a growing trend. This can include things like living walls and vertical gardens to improve air quality, reduce the urban heat island effect, and promote a healthier built environment.

Architectural Expression

Covered walkways can serve as platforms for architectural expression and become iconic landmarks within cities. They can also be used as opportunities to celebrate cultural identity and contribute to the broader social fabric of urban environments.

A well-designed walkway is the foundation of your entire garden and can serve as a central design element that brings together all of the other features. Contact Yardzen, an online exterior and landscape design service, to learn how we can help you plan and build the perfect walkway for your property. Our process begins with a conversation about your design ideas and budget to minimize surprises when it comes time to construct.

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What Is a Locksmith?What Is a Locksmith?


Locksmiths are professional experts who provide a wide range of security services to help keep homes, businesses, and cars safe from break-ins. They can also change and install locks, including dead-bolts and panic exit devices.

The History of Locksmiths

The history of locksmithing dates back to around 4000 years ago when traces of locksmithing were found in Ancient Egypt and Babylon. It was the earliest form of lock-making in existence and was used for securing doors.

A good locksmith can be a lifesaver, especially when you are locked out of your car or house during an emergency. Whether you need a lock replaced or new one installed, a locksmith can help you get your problem solved quickly and affordably.

The Different Types of Door Locks and Their Features

A career as a locksmith requires formal training and certification. These qualifications are a sign of your professionalism and help you earn a higher salary.

Courses are available at various colleges and can be taken online. Some programs take two days, while others last for four weeks or more.

What Are the Skills Required?

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What Are Some of the Most Common Services?

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The South American Potoo Bird is a Master of CamouflageThe South American Potoo Bird is a Master of Camouflage

The South American Potoo Bird is a master of camouflage. During the day, these birds perch high in trees and use their gray and brown plumage to blend into the bark. Then they become even harder to spot by taking a “cryptic” posture that involves stretching out until their heads are completely vertical, closing their eyes, and compressing their head feathers. And even though they look like stumps, they can still locate prey or predator threats using a “third eye” of sorts: small slits on their upper eyelids.

Secrets of the South American Potoo Bird: Master of Camouflage and Nighttime Mysteries

But it’s during the nighttime that these enigmatic creatures truly shine. The Potoo Bird’s nocturnal hunting habits and remarkable camouflage capabilities allow them to stalk and ambush their prey without being spotted by any predators. It’s a strategy that has earned them a special place in the hearts and imagination of local communities, inspiring myths, legends, and tales that have been passed down through generations.

And although their hunting techniques are impressive, it’s the Potoo Bird’s eerie call that has garnered them the nickname of “ghost bird.” Their deep, haunting boom or mournful wail can be heard across vast landscapes and can be perceived over long distances, making them one of the most well-known vocal species in the Amazon rainforest. It’s a call that’s used for mating, attracting mates, establishing territory, and communicating with conspecifics.