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Rat Pest Control

Rat Pest Control

Rats chew wires and insulation, which can cause fire hazards. They contaminate food and create health risks through their droppings. They can also carry fleas and other parasites. These pests are also known carriers of disease and have been implicated in numerous incidents of food poisoning.

Safe Pest Control are agile climbers and typically nest above ground in shrubbery, trees, attics, walls and false ceilings. They are nocturnal and usually active at dusk. Breeding can occur year-round but generally peaks in spring and fall. There are 3 to 8 litters per year with 5 to 6 young born in each litter.

Rat infestations often require professional rat control services because of their large numbers and prolific breeding habits. A trained rat exterminator can quickly evaluate the problem and make recommendations for eradication. Rat control methods include traps and bait, as well as exclusion and sanitation.

Natural Rat Pest Control Remedies: Safe and Eco-Friendly Approaches

The most successful form of rat control in structures is rodent exclusion, which means making the structure unattractive to mice and rats. Seal cracks and openings larger than a quarter inch, especially around foundations, doors, windows, pipes, wires, drain spouts and vents. Install door sweeps and weather stripping, and cover the edges of all doors and windows with sheet metal or hardware cloth (rats can’t gnaw through these materials). Use coarse steel wool or wire screen to plug holes in foundations, and close any holes in exterior walls, roofs or walls that are accessible from outside.

Rats seek out a variety of food sources and can easily become a nuisance in urban and suburban areas, especially when food is abundant. It’s important to reduce the availability of food, water and shelter by storing all foods in tightly sealed containers, bringing pet food inside at night, removing bird seed from open feeders and picking up fallen fruit daily.

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