Whales Online Real Estate One Normanton Park Condo For Rent

One Normanton Park Condo For Rent

One normandy park is under construction. This is the new condominium complex by One Normanton Park which has been developed using energy efficient green building technologies. With One- PERSON-Flexi- SPACE design and state-of-art fixtures, this residential condo complex is set to be the greenest one in France. With a single storey, single-storey apartment with over 23m2 of space, this apartment is set to be the biggest green home in Europe. The development includes a public square surrounded by restaurants and bars and a shopping center with an indoor/outdoor mall as well as a public outdoor parking area. Useful website

The Latest Updates on the Normanton Park Condo Project

The project is being managed by eco-conditions and has achieved a LEED Gold certification for the project. The project manager is a native of Singapore and previously worked with the design firms from Italy and Dubai on residential projects. The project is managed by Bauen & Gophko who are involved in the management and development of more than thirty Singapore residential properties including the ones at Singar, Bugis, and the upcoming project at Oxford and Venue. One normadium park condo is fully completed and it is expected to be finished in the second half of 2010.

The property will include both apartments as well as condominiums with an average rental yield of 30%. The overall development is planned to have nine buildings spread across ten blocks in total with each block having nine units. There is also a retail center on the lower floor. As of now, plans for the upstairs retail center are still in the planning stages but the plan is to have an underground supermarket and a ground-floor mini-mall that will accommodate international brands.

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