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Mast Climber Safety

As a bricklayer working on a high-rise luxury apartment building, Luigi heard screams from another worker a few stories below him. His quick thinking and finagling helped him save his coworker but the experience left Luigi wondering how he could have prevented the accident from occurring in the first place.

Mast climber are a great way to provide vertical access for construction work on modern multi-story buildings. They are easy to customize and handle heavier loads than scaffolding. They also reduce material handling hazards by driving workers and materials directly to the point of need.

The Evolution of Mast Climbing: Innovations and Trends

But, just like other types of scaffolding, mast climbers can cause injuries and deaths if not erected and used correctly. And they can be more difficult to inspect and dismantle than other scaffold types.

Known by different names in some countries, such as mast climbing work platforms (MCWPs) or mast scaffolding, these mobile platforms are often the preferred choice of trades on high-rise buildings. They are easy to customize, handle heavy loads, and offer excellent maneuverability. Moreover, they are more flexible than traditional scaffolding and enable workers to work in safe, ergonomically correct conditions.

Workers using mast climbers should be fully trained on their specific model of the equipment. Manufacturers usually include safety tips and instructions with their machines. They should also follow planning diagrams and be familiar with the equipment’s operating requirements. Training is available from a variety of sources, including IPAF, Klimer, and independent trainers. A good practice is to conduct a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) on any job where a mast climber is going to be used.

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