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Legionella Inspection For Landlords

Landlords have to keep up with a lot of different compliance regulations such as EPC requirements, gas safety checks and electrical regulation updates. In addition to this, landlords also have a legal duty to ensure that their property’s water systems are free from Legionella. This is because of the health risks that can come from exposure to legionella bacteria.Read more :legionella-risk-assessments.uk

A risk assessment should be done regularly. It should look at all the potential sources of exposure, a plan for controlling this risk and records of the precautions taken to avoid infection. The assessment should be carried out by a person who fully understands the water management systems in the property, who can identify and assess the risk of Legionella and who can implement preventative measures and monitor their effectiveness.

Legionella Inspection Requirements: Meeting Regulatory Standards

While a landlord can carry out their own risk assessment, it is often best to hire a professional to do this work. This will allow them to be sure that they are meeting the necessary health and safety standards. The level of risk for a domestic property will determine how much of an assessment is required and it should be reviewed whenever there are any significant changes to the water system.

A basic risk assessment for a one-bedroom flat with a combi boiler will only take about twenty minutes. This includes flushing out the system, testing samples and checking all distal sites. However, a larger property with a garden, multiple bathrooms, and a hot and cold tank will require more time as it will be more complicated to test.

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