Whales Online Blog How Long Does Probate Take in Queensland?

How Long Does Probate Take in Queensland?

In Queensland, probate is the Supreme Court’s official recognition of a will as legally valid. It provides the executor of a deceased estate with the authority to access and manage the deceased’s estate assets (administer the estate). A grant of probate is often required by organisations like banks and shares registries before they will release funds or property from a deceased estate.

How long does probate take in qld first step is to obtain an original death certificate from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Once this is received, an advertisement of intention to apply for a grant of probate must be published in the Queensland Law Reporter and a copy served on the Public Trustee. The application must then be filed with the Supreme Court – preferably at a registry closest to where the deceased last lived.

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Once the application is lodged, Supreme Court staff will examine the documents and if all is in order, a grant of probate will be issued. The process can take between one money and six weeks, depending on how busy the court is at any given time.

The Probate process can be complex and it’s essential that it is properly prepared and filed with the Supreme Court. This is why it is often best to engage the services of a specialist probate lawyer. The right lawyer will be able to provide expert legal advice about how to proceed with an application for a grant of probate and what documents are required.

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