Selecting Dehydrators


A dehydrators is a mechanism which removes excess moisture from food as well as the other components to help in its preservation. Food dehydrating is a technique of preserving meat, fruits and vegetables which were practiced since antiquity. The methods that were used then were quite crude but some of them were effective. There are different types of dehydrators available in the market today depending on their make and designs. Most of these units come in small, medium, large and extra large sizes.

Dehydrators – A technique of preserving meat, fruits and vegetables

The most common type of dehydrators are those made up of aluminum, which is commonly known as Nesco brand. These types of dehydrators are very efficient and the trays hold a lot of water and the food is dried quickly. Trays with an outer tube are commonly used by many people for home made food dehydrators. Some people opt for the trays which are placed under warm air to dry instead of placing them under warm air.

These types of dehydrators are very efficient for dehydrating fruit and vegetable chips and dried fruit. They remove all the water from the chips or dried fruit and leave the essential nutrients intact. Dehydrators which are made up of stainless steel have dual motors that work separately. These dehydrators have various settings for power consumption, which one can select according to the size of the dehydrator. Some of the other popular types of dehydrators include those made up of ceramic and glass and even those which use the power of the sun.