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A Review of Horseware Ireland

Horseware Ireland

Horseware Ireland is one of the leading equestrian manufacturers in the world, specializing in apparel, boots, stable rugs and other equine equipment. Established in 1985, Horseware has grown into a multi-million dollar enterprise that employs more than 500 people around the world.

The company specializes in the production of branded horse rugs, accessories, and other related products. Its product offerings include the bestselling Rambo turnout blanket. In fact, the company’s Rambo brand has become synonymous with the horse industry, thanks to its innovative and stylish rugs.

Horseware Ireland also produces an array of equine therapeutics. Their therapy lines include the Ice-Vibe(r) Circulation Therapy, Sportz-Vibe(r), and Ionic(r) Boost. These treatments are designed to help equines heal faster, repair ligaments, and prevent injury.

Staying Safe Out Riding

The company has also made a name for itself with the development of the Rambo Original, a turnout rug that has become an international hit. This was a groundbreaking invention that set the standard for modern rug design. Designed and manufactured in Ireland, the blanket is still manufactured to this day.

Aside from their branded products, the company offers a wide selection of therapeutics and accessories. They even make their own line of fly sheets and other equine necessities. However, the company’s most popular equine item is their line of waterproof horse turnout rugs.

For more information on Horseware Ireland, you can visit their website or find them on PitchBook Platform. You can view their full profile and compare prices at both sites.

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